Airport advertising for quick-commerce

Disruptive solution for airport retailers

With quick-commerce, you can leverage your existing airport retail infrastructure to reach new customers, with fast, convenient sales and short-notice fulfilment.

Leverage the latest advances in machine learning and mobile design to provide great service at minimal cost.

First-class passenger experience

Leverage the latest advances in interface design and AI technology to provide smooth, personalised experiences to your customers.

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Just-in-time logistics

Improve your order fulfilment time.

We can bring lead time requirements down significantly using the same retail infrastructure and low-touch integration with retail inventories. The 24-hour requirement can be reduced to 30 min or less, by using our logistics app.

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Real-time customer data

Get a live overview of your current orders and deliveries at the airport, as it happens.

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“What really convinced me about E23 is that they found a solution for in-flight shopping with pick up on arrival, so limit the stock to carry on board, making airport shopping potentially limitless and more sustainable.”

Vincent Ramelli
Vincent Ramelli
CEO and Founder at WIHP

Supercharge your airport retail.

Let’s create new disruptive channels to acquire new customers and improve your sales.

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Frequently asked questions

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What’s the E23 Customer Journey?
While travelling, a user scans a QR code to shop from the airport's retailers (e.g. in-flight, en-route to the airport). They confirm their order, pay online and collect their goods from a kiosk on arrival.
What’s E23 sales channel?
E23 partners with a wide range of operators in the travel industry to acquire customers at various points of their customer journey: as they step into an airport taxi, check into a hotel or board their flight.

Simple pricing for Airport Retailers

E23 Airport Quick Commerce to enhance your customer experience at all your airport locations

Q-Commerce plan

We take a commission on the new revenue generated through E23 quick commerce sales channels.

What's included in the plan

  • Create new disruptive travel sales channels

  • Acquire new customers

  • Reduce your order fulfilment to 30 minutes or less

  • Enable new use cases, like in-flight shopping

E23 sales commission

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